About Us and Digital Marketing

About Us and Digital Marketing   

MBA - Michael Bonin & Associates help North American educational institutions, Canadian tourist providers and destinations engage surfers and target prospects of Northeast Asian origin. Our mission is based on the belief that customers' needs are of the utmost importance.
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Our publisher clients continue to thrive with Website Editorial Editions and online directories in Northeast Asian languages
Sites that we represent have been successful in attracting traffic from students, leisure and business travellers and MBA - Michael Bonin Associates in signing up advertisers trying to reach those markets.

  • Coverage of three online directories has been extended to six websites since Summer 2011. For details on the sites now hosting the directories and their web metrics, on how to list and advertise using BEST PRACTICES on leveraging an online presence to reach faster and convert more effectively prospects of Northeast Asian origin:

Canadian schools  CLICK HERE  for Study Abroad DirectoryAmerican schools  CLICK HERE  for SchoolsUSA.net Directory
Canadian tourist operators and destinations  CLICK HERE  for Must Go™ (Travel & Leisure) Directory
  • Japan Advertising's Canadian site
    www.canadajournal.com is published in Japanese and Chinese. Also accessible through partner websites, its online directories published in Japanese, Chinese and in Korean, rank consistently among the top in the world with Canadian content. For example, one or the other of those sites can be found on the first page results under search using the key-words 'Canada', 'Travel to Canada', 'Study in Canada' on Google Japan and Yahoo! Japan search engines and on Daum search engine (in Korean).

  • www.SchoolsUSA.net is published in Japanese since 2006 and in Korean and Chinese since Fall 2011. Also accessible through partner websites, its directory of American educational institutions usually ranks #1 in Google Japan search results using the key-words 'America, Schools' in Japanese.
As an ad sales agency, MBA - Michael Bonin Associates recommend language-primary, geography-specific banner ad campaigns and text-based directory listings to generate inbound leads and attract prospects of Northeast Asian origin
Our digital media-mix focus on websites that best deliver North American content to surfers from Northeast Asia, the most prosperous region in the world. Those sites attract traffic from the greatest number of students, leisure and business travellers and investors of Northeast Asian origin:
  • Northeast Asia represent the main source of international students for North American educational institutions

  • Growth from Northeast Asia is key for the Travel & Hospitality market to Canada and, more long-term, to Canada's immigrant-investor market

  • With Chinese now the second language most used on the Web (after English but catching on), plus China having granted, earlier on to the USA then to Canada in 2010, Approved Destination Status for Chinese coming to North America, promoting to that market online should soon bring many rewards. For instance, the number of Chinese visitors to Canada should equal for the first time in 2012 the number of Japanese visitors

  • Chinese students should continue as the biggest international revenue source for North American post-secondary institutions and high schools.

  • North American schools, universities, colleges, Canadian tourist operators, service providers and retailers are increasingly switching to digital marketing in order to be more findable by the growing local population of Northeast Asian origin. They number about seven million in the United States and 1.5 million in Canada: 59% Chinese, 23% Korean and 18% Japanese. Those languages are spoken by over 75% of them at home 

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For those interested in The Great American Songbook, piano jazz or French chanson, go to Michel Bonin's MUSIC WEBSITE for the best reflective piano solo music being recorded or live in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. 
To listen to clips and view videos of his concerts, to purchase music he performs or to hire his services as a piano player, go to www.pianoreflexions.com

Michael Bonin Associates sell text-based and image (banner) ads for international niche online publishers and produce, perform and market its own music
Our office and studio are located at: 
Suite 401 - 4665 10th Avenue West
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6R 2J4
Tel. (604) 737-1298
e-mail: boninmich@gmail.com 
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